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Air-Source Heat Pump Program

Heat Pump Program

Air Source heat pumps can mean substantial savings for heat_pump_diagramenergy-wise consumers. If you’re considering replacing your existing fossil fuel system, replacing a non-air source heat pump or other resistant electric system or planning to build a new home, investigate this program.

Install an all electric air-to-air heat pump in a new home, replace your existing electric air-to-air heat pump, replace your fossil fuel heating system or install central air and receive:

• $500 for a dual/variable speed compressor

• Mini-split AC units or heat pumps ($500)

• Must be 16 SEER or greater 


Units that do not qualify include:

• Window AC units or heat pumps

• “Thru-the-wall” AC units or heat pumps


Replace an existing electric resistance heat system (i.e. baseboard, ceiling cable or 100% electric furnace) with an air-to-air heat pump with electric or gas back-up and receive: MUST PRE-QUALIFY

• $1,000 for a dual/variable speed compressor

$800 - $1,500 mini-split single/variable speed compressor

• Must be 16 SEER or greater


Mobile/manufactured homes will qualify with a 14 SEER due to space constraints. Home must be designed for transportation on own chassis to qualify at the 14 SEER level. MUST PRE-QUALIFY


Requirements to qualify for this program:

  • ► Must be installed in Southeastern Indiana REMC service area.
  • ► Must show proof of sale, serial and model numbers, size of unit and kw backup.
  • ► Compressor speed and SEER rating must be validated on the ARI certificate.  
  • * REMC personnel retain the option to verify installation.




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