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Energy Sources

All-of-the-above – striking the right balance for affordable power

Electricity powers our businesses, heats our homes and improves our health.  Where your electricity comes from is just as important as how it gets to you.

Most of us take electricity for granted, but we do care about its availability and affordability. As your power provider, Southeastern Indiana REMC supports a comprehensive power supply mix to help keep your electricity as affordable and reliable as possible.

We get our power supply from Hoosier Energy, a generation and transmission electric cooperative. Southeastern Indiana REMC is a member-owner of Hoosier Energy, along with 17 other electric cooperatives in central and southern Indiana and southeastern Illinois

Our power supplier continues to rank competitively with other wholesale providers in Indiana.  That doesn’t happen by accident. It’s due in large part to the cooperative non-profit business model, strict cost control and a firm commitment to an all-of-the-above power supply strategy.

Diversity in the power supply is important.  When one fuel source is in short supply, as what occurred during the natural gas shortages a few winters ago, others are needed.

“Managing a power supply portfolio is similar to managing personal investments,” says Bryan K. Mathews, General Manager. “Having the ability to draw on different kinds of generation sources reduces risks, lowers costs over the long term and supports ensured reliability.”

Our commitment to reliability includes a diversified generation portfolio. Fifteen years ago, your electricity was generated solely from coal-fired power plants. Today, natural gas, renewable generation such as wind, solar, hydro, coalbed methane and landfill gas make up 42 percent of the resources that supply the electricity needed to power members’ homes and businesses. Coal provides the remainder of our generation capacity.

There is no one single, perfect energy choice. All are needed. When taken together, all energy sources - coal, natural gas, renewables and energy efficiency – assure reliable and affordable power – now and in the future. 


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