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Outdoor Lighting Service

Southeastern Indiana REMC offers dusk to dawn outdoor lighting service, using photoelectric controlled equipment, mast arm, streetlight type luminaire with lamp.  Maintenance of the complete assembly and the cost of its electrical operation are included in this service.  Any additional investment required due to the extension of secondary lines or installation of a transformer, for the sole purpose of this service, will require a non-refundable contribution by the consumer.  

Outdoor Light Considerations:

Will the light be placed on the transformer pole or meter pole?

Which way will the light be facing? (North, South, toward the house, toward the road)

Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting accounts for up to 12% of your home's cost for electricity.  Energy-efficient bulbs can make a big difference in your power bill.  That's why Southeastern Indiana REMC offers discounts and easy online shopping for energy-efficient lighting.  Shop our online store for great deals on all of your lighting needs.  

Discount Residential Lighting Store

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