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Energy Audit


The Good Kind of Audit

As your trusted energy partner, we believe savings and efficiency are within reach for everyone, and we want to help you get there.

That's why Southeastern Indiana REMC offers home energy audits.

Understanding how your home uses energy can help determine:

  • best ways to adjust energy consumption

  • improve problem areas

  • keep more money in your wallet

Energy audits can also identify potential safety issues surrounding electrical wiring and HVAC systems, making your home safer.

What to expect during the audit:


Our energy advisor will conduct a walk-through of your home, examining energy use and identifying problem areas.  The advisor will look at specific elements of your home impacting energy use, such as:

  • doors

  • windows

  • insulation levels

  • major appliances

Energy Testing

The advisor will evaluate the seal of your home by conducting a blower door test to identify the source of any air leaks or drafts.  The advisor will conduct thermal imaging of the home to detect:

  • heat loss

  • inadequate insulation levels

  • HVAC airlow

  • radiant heat malfunction

  • additional key factors


The advisor will provide you with a detailed evaluation.

This report will provide you with:

  • description of your home

  • analysis of your energy use

  • energy consumption recommendations

  • steps to improve efficiency and save money

The power to save is in your hands.

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