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Light Bulbs

Electric Service

To start a new service or to transfer an existing service, call our member service representatives during business hours.

7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday EDT

(812) 689-4111

Flexible Payment Planning

Southeastern IN REMC works closely with (EAP) Indiana Home Energy Assistance program, as well as township trustees to obtain assistance for our members who are having difficulties paying their electric bills. EAP is a low income energy assistance program made available through the Indiana Division of Family and Children.

Solar Panels on Roof

Most of us take electricity for granted, but we do care about its availability and affordability. As your power provider, Southeastern Indiana REMC supports a comprehensive power supply mix to help keep your electricity as affordable and reliable as possible.

Aerial view of Farm

Southeastern Indiana REMC's service territory includes Dearborn, Franklin, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland counties.

SEIREMC/Duke Boundary Modification

Before you get started...

To enable us to better serve you, please have one or more of the following pieces of information available:

  • Owner's name

  • Account number

  • Service address

  • Meter number

  • Pole location number

A New Service is a new home, building, grain bin, etc. which has never had electric service before. Information on location, type and size of new construction, service size, and heating/cooling equipment type and size will be needed.  The member service and design departments will assist you with technical information.

A Transfer of Service is changing an existing account from one member’s name and putting it into a different member’s name.  This process requires the name the account is in presently or account number, a forwarding address for the member moving out, name and address of the member moving in, phone number and signed Membership Agreement.

A Service Upgrade is an increase in electric load at your location, which may require us to change or upgrade the service to your location. Be sure to include us in your plans so all equipment is sized correctly and safely.


Outdoor Lights can be installed for your convenience and safety.  Contact our member service department to set up outdoor lighting for your account.


Line Locating before undertaking any substantial outdoor projects such as those listed below, be sure to contact Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service to avoid dangerous and costly mistakes. They will let you know the location of the underground power lines in your area. Just call 1-800-382-5544 two days in advance of your project start.  

  • Landscaping

  • Concrete Work

  • In-ground pool installation

  • Sewer tile installation

  • Home or building additions

  • Deck construction

  • Fence installation

  • Gardens


Please read our Service Rules and Regulations before applying.

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