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Did you know that electric lawn equipment has seen big improvements in recent years? How about a push mower that can tackle 3,000 sq. ft. in a single charge? That exists!


Your electric cooperative is offering rebates on electric lawnmowers, leaf blowers and string trimmers – up to $50 toward the cost of new equipment.


Whether you search online or stop by your local hardware store, we want you to find equipment to keep your lawn well-maintained for years to come. When shopping, look for manufacturers who use lithium-ion batteries as they provide the power you expect and charge quickly. If you need a new push mower, be sure you choose a model that runs on at least 36 volts.


The brand you choose is up to you, as well as where you make the purchase – we trust you know what you need and respect where you want to shop.


Why go electric – beyond the savings this incentive provides? You can say goodbye to gas cans and mixing two-cycle fuel. With electric equipment, all you have to do is keep your battery packs charged. This incentive will be offered on a first-come first-served basis.


Submission of application expressly indicates member understanding and agreement to the following conditions:

Limit one rebate per member-consumer account per year. Rebate does not apply to equipment combo packs. Equipment purchased must be new and have a minimum one-year warranty. Reconditioned or refurbished equipment is not eligible. Completed rebate application and documentation must be received within 90 days of purchase date. Rebates for qualifying purchase are the lesser of $50 or 50% of purchase price. The cooperative has the right to deny rebate if terms and conditions are not met.