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Balancing The Grid: Load Management Solutions

What is load management and why should you learn more about it? Load management is a term we use to describe the “load”, or the amount of energy a system is using at any given time, and how we can manage that load to create a strong reliable system. Think about it this way, when do you use your electricity the most? Most people have their air conditioning set on high right now to escape the summer heat. So, we have a “Peak season” from June to August. When we all do our laundry, vacuum the floor, or run the dishwasher at the same time we put pressure on the electric grid. This strain on the grid may cause power outages, a larger environmental impact, and higher operation costs. Along with this, we spend more on the electricity being produced during these times. Long-term, we want to see you have reliable electricity at an affordable price.

SEI REMC offers a few load management options to help lower the amount of electricity used during high-demand periods, easing the strain on the electric grid. One of the easiest options is our Beat The Peak program. It is a completely optional program designed to encourage members to voluntarily reduce their energy usage during expensive peak demand times. Peak times when electricity costs the most to purchase are weekdays June-August from 5-8 p.m. and December-February from 7-10 a.m. and 6-9 p.m.

            So, how does it work? All you do is text “BeatThePeak” to 22300 and you are opting in to receive text-only alerts when peak times or dates are anticipated. During these periods you can watch your energy consumption and save some money!


Here are some tips on how you can conserve energy usage during these peak times.


                We also offer a generator program! SEIREMC is an authorized dealer for Generac and offers installation and maintenance services for Generac Generators. Purchasing through us entitles you to a member discount and a 1-year financing option on a total home backup generator. Additionally, we offer seasonal incentives for participating in scheduled load control events during peak demand times. It's crucial to have a backup power unit for unforeseen events like storms, particularly in southeastern Indiana where storms can be unpredictable. A generator can provide invaluable comfort during a blackout.

This program offers both the comfort you need and the savings you want! When you purchase a Generac Generator through us, you not only receive a significant discount but also enjoy monthly savings. We will operate your generator during "Control Periods," which are peak times during winter and summer when electricity costs spike due to high usage. During these times, SEIREMC will use your installed generator to alleviate pressure on the electric grid. By taking advantage of this program, you should see a decrease in your monthly electric bill and receive a $50 bill credit for every month we use your generator.

                Our last option is the “Time of Use Rate”. Homeowners can choose to receive service under the Time of Use rate for a minimum of 12 months consecutively. The energy prices vary between off-peak, on-peak, and critical-peak hours therefore encouraging energy use to off-peak periods. This helps save you and your cooperative money! The same concept of “Beat the Peak” is used with the Time of Use rate. You will still have the standing monthly facility charge of 32 dollars a month, but your off-peak kWh will be lower than standard, and your usage during on-peak hours will be higher.

            If you are interested in signing up or utilizing any of these programs, please follow the link below for more information. As an REMC, we are here to help and want to see our members happy, safe, and thriving. If you find that you have any questions that can’t be answered on our website, call 1-800-737-4111 to speak to one of our member service representatives.

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