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FALL in Love with Fiber

Most of us have heard that fiber optic internet speed is better, but is it really faster and more reliable than what we have now? In a word, yes. It’s the fastest and most reliable internet option available.

With major advantages, like no throttling, better TV picture quality, the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously, and the same upload and download speeds, fiber is the clear choice when it comes to internet connection options.

Unfortunately, fiber optic internet providers have not been willing to invest in the infrastructure to provide service to residents living in the rural areas of southeastern Indiana. Why? Because a project of this magnitude is very costly, and it takes years just to break even on the investment. This is a huge deterrent for profit-based business models. But the co-op business model is different. The focus is not on making a profit, it’s on operating at cost while working together with friends and neighbors to achieve something that benefits everyone.

Southeastern Indiana REMC recognized the digital divide issue and its ability to provide a solution to the problem through a joint venture with SEI Communications, an existing telecommunications co-op. The result of this joint venture is SEI Fiber, a FTTH (Fiber To The Home) internet connection, which is the fastest, most reliable fiber optic connection because the fibers come straight to your door, not just your neighborhood or the utility pole outside your house.

Concern for the community is one of the cooperative’s core values and a leading factor in the board’s decision to move forward with the SEI Fiber project. “We want to see our members and the community thrive and grow,” said Keith Mathews, General Manager of Southeastern Indiana REMC, “and we know that broadband access is an important part of making that happen.”

SEI Fiber is changing the future of internet connectivity as we know it in rural southeastern Indiana. This future-forward technology is not easily influenced by external factors (like extreme weather conditions) and is environmentally friendly. It’s faster than traditional cable, DSL, and satellite internet, and increases the value of your home.

Whether you are video chatting, doing your homework online, playing your favorite online games, or all of these simultaneously, you’ll find plenty of reasons to FALL in love with SEI Fiber.

Get the speed you want at a price you can afford with no contacts or data caps. Visit or call 800-737-4111 to choose the speed package that’s right for you and preregister or sign up for fiber service today.

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