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Firework Fun Without the Risk

July is usually booming with fireworks and celebrations. Before lighting your fireworks this year, consider how to be safe while having fun! Safety is so important for you, your family, and your neighbors. Stay informed and practice safety in all things!

                Before you go handing your child a sparkler this year, pause! Think, is it worth it? Children don’t know how to identify hazards as well as adults. Do you know those large green utility boxes? Those carry high voltages of electricity. It isn’t safe to play around with these things, let alone have a lit sparkler around it. Consider having two or three trusted adults in charge of all fireworks activity and not allowing anyone closer than 20 ft. from the lighting area. This can prevent avoidable accidents from happening, ensuring a memorable Fourth of July party!

Additional tips to consider:

·         Look out for nearby power lines! It is important to avoid fireworks going off in the vicinity of a power line.

·         In case of fire, have an extinguisher nearby along with water.

·         Look out for vegetation near the lighting area to avoid any fire hazards!

·         After you're done lighting, soak all used fireworks in water to ensure they won’t cause damage later during transport.

Overall, safety is the best way to celebrate without tarnishing memories! We hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day and Southeastern Indiana REMC wishes a big Happy Birthday to America!

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