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Nominating Committee Appointed

The following members have been appointed to the 2022 nominating committee by the SEIREMC board of directors.

District 4

Center, Hogan and Washington townships in Dearborn County; Randolph Township in Ohio County; and Posey and York townships in Switzerland County.

Tammy Elbright 2511 SR 156, Rising Sun, IN 47040 812-584-2312

Donna Huber 2576 Miller Brick Lane, Rising Sun, IN 47040 513-519-3089

Colleen Perfect 4515 Smith Road, Rising Sun, IN 47040 812-584-5218

District 5

Cass, Pike and Union townships in Ohio County; Caesar Creek Township in Dearborn County; and Brown, Shelby, and Otter Creek townships in Ripley County.

Lonnie Sparks 4523 W. Railroad Road , Holton, IN 47023 812-756-4107

Arlene Knudson 4163 N. County Road 800 W., Holton, IN 47023 812-621-0577

Rebecca Westerfield 5521 W. County Road 200 S., Holton, IN 47023 812-584-5324

District 9

Jackson, Johnson, Franklin, Center, Delaware and Washington townships in Ripley County.

Larry Armbrecht 928 W. Tanglewood, Versailles, IN 47042 812-756-2141

Greg Evans 2696 N. County Road 200 W., Versailles, IN 47042 812-756-1454

Danny Geisler 191 W. County Road 450 S., Versailles, IN 47042 812-756-5317

Members interested in running as a director candidate in the 2022 director election should contact one of the nominating committee members from the applicable district. To be eligible, your primary residence must be located within the district you are running in.

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