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Reminder: Register to Vote for the 2022 General Election

Make sure you register to vote in time for the 2022 general election! Did you know you must register to vote at least 29 days before an election? That means you need to register by Oct. 11 to vote in the general election Nov. 8.

If you still need to register to vote or update your address, or would like to check your registration status, visit This site can also help you find your polling location, review the ballot and get to know the candidates, as well as obtain absentee ballot information and other resources. More than 4.7 million Hoosiers have registered to vote. Make sure to join that list.

Registering to vote is the first step in assuring your voice is heard on the local and national levels. As you evaluate the candidates and determine who to support, remember that elected officials play a very important role in ensuring your electric cooperative can continue providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Elected officials from the local level to the state, all the way up to Indiana’s Congressional delegation and even the president, have an impact on your local electric cooperative.

You can help your local electric cooperative by backing candidates who support positive energy policies and assist the efforts of Indiana’s electric cooperatives to power the businesses and communities they serve.

Let’s continue supporting candidates who support Indiana’s electric cooperatives as they are key partners in helping rural Indiana grow and thrive.

Supporting Democracy: Volunteer to Work the Polls

Registering to vote and participating in an election are fundamental rights and privileges of living in a democracy. By registering to vote in the Nov. 8 general election, you are engaging in the heart of democracy and exercising your constitutional rights. Want to take it one step further? To further support your community, your country and democracy itself, you can volunteer to work the polls on Election Day.

To work the polls, you must be a registered voter and a resident of the county in which you wish to work, and you must be at least 18 years old. Poll workers can earn up to $150 for their service, depending on the county.

Our democracy depends upon individuals like you taking the initiative and responsibility to uphold our freedoms. If you would like to serve your community as a poll worker, contact your county election administrator or local party representative. Visit to find out how to sign up.

Strengthening Indiana’s Election Security

A new law has gone into effect to strengthen Indiana’s election security and integrity. HEA 1116 enhances security around absentee ballots and ensures by the next presidential election every Hoosier will cast a ballot on a voting machine with a paper audit trail.

“This new law will ensure that as technology evolves and voter habits change Indiana remains a national leader in election security and integrity,” said Indiana Secretary of State Holli Sullivan.

Under the new law, the current cybersecurity contract between the Secretary of State’s office and Indiana counties will be extended to 2028. This statewide cybersecurity system protects our elections infrastructure against targeted, nation-state level attacks 24 hours a day, proactively hunts for advanced threat behavior, and responds to critical attacks.

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