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The Cooperative Difference

We all know that Southeastern Indiana REMC is an electric provider, but did you know that we are a member-owned, not-for-profit organization?  REMC stands for Rural Electric Membership Cooperative. Cooperatives are businesses formed for a common purpose or benefit of the people and stand on seven core principles.

1.      Voluntary and Open Membership

2.      Democratic Member Control

3.      Member Economic Participation

4.      Autonomy and Independence

5.      Education, Training, and information

6.      Cooperation Among Cooperatives

7.      Concern for Community

 In 1939, Southeastern Indiana REMC was formed to bring electricity to our rural community. People living outside of town came together because they recognized the need for electricity in the area.

Our community sprang into action, gathering with friends and neighbors to discuss the idea of forming an electric cooperative. For a mere five-dollar fee, they became members and shared in the benefits of this cooperation. They elected a board of directors to govern the cooperative, a practice that continues to this day. When you join Southeastern Indiana REMC, you become a part-owner, just as the first members were. The beauty of the cooperative business model is its democracy-every member has a voice and a vote in the director elections. The power is in your hands. You can be part of a community-driven organization where your voice truly matters.

Traditional corporations have profit maximization as their first and foremost thought. As a nonprofit, we never look at taking your money. We are constantly evolving, growing, and adapting to save our members time, and money, and keep them safe! Putting a lot of effort into getting information out on our programs, REMC wants our rural community to thrive.

So, what does SEI REMC do? We are more than just an electric provider. We are a community service organization dedicated to safely providing reliable electricity and diversified services to our members and the communities we serve. Our programs and services are designed to enhance the quality of life in southeastern Indiana. For instance, our new fiber division is playing a crucial role in bridging the digital divide for our rural communities. We are constantly striving to serve our membership in ways that align with our mission, while also being innovative and responsive to their evolving needs.

When you join the REMC, you are part of something bigger than electricity. You belong to a community-driven, member-focused organization. Not everyone can say that their electric provider has their best interest in mind. You can rest assured that the REMC always has its members as priority number one.

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