Fiber Updates

The SEI FIBER project is also moving along nicely. Phase 1, which includes the Elrod, Versailles, Hopewell, and Jennings substation areas, is nearly complete and we will soon begin phase 2 of the project, which includes the Pleasant, Five-Points, East Enterprise, Belterra, Mexico, Texas, Yorkville, and Hidden Valley substation areas.   

Once an area has been opened for sign-ups, the installation fees are being waived for a limited amount of time. Once the installation crews have completed the initial service sign-ups in an area, they will move on to the next area. When this happens, we will begin charging the installation fee, which is a minimum of $600. So, when you receive a notification that service is available in your area, please sign up right away to save yourself some money.   

Right now, there is a 6 to 10 week wait from the time a member completes the fiber service agreement and pays the required fees until their service installation is complete. We are working hard to reduce that wait time by bringing on additional crews and streamlining processes. 


Service is available now for members served from the Elrod, Versailles, Hopewell, and Jennings substations.  


Completed Miles of Fiber


Completed Miles of Strand


Crews Working


Members Receiving Service

Construction Crews: Electricom, Gaylor, Team Fishel


Drop Contractors: Pete's Trenching, Team Fishel, Comers


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