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As your trusted energy partner, we believe savings and efficiency are within reach for everyone, and we want to help you get there.

That's why Southeastern Indiana REMC's Energy Advisors are here to help.

Understanding how your home uses energy can help determine:

  • best ways to adjust energy consumption

  • improve problem areas

  • keep more money in your wallet

Looking for ways to make your
home more energy efficient?

Are you experiencing
high energy bills?

Is your home

Educating yourself on your energy usage will benefit you in multiple ways.

You can learn about your energy usage and monitor your hourly and daily usage through your SmartHub account. Understanding where and how you use energy helps you identify opportunities for savings.
If you do not already have an active SmartHub account, set one up today.

Filling out this form will provide important information for an Energy Advisor to assess your home's current efficiency.
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Home Information
Help us learn more about your home and save time by completing as many of the following questions as you can.
Home Heating & Cooling
Water Heating
Additional Usage
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