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Director Canidate Information

Interested in running for the Board of Directors?

The following information will help you determine your eligibility and understand the commitment required of a Director.

Nominating Committee

Members of the Nominating Committee serve a very important role by selecting qualified director candidates for members to vote upon at Southeastern Indiana REMC's Annual Meeting. 

Complete the Candidate Statement of Interest form and contact a committee member from your district to discuss your interest in being nominated as a director candidate in the 2024 Director Election. 

District 2

Dennis Cormican, 812-637-3226

Dan McMullen, 812-537-5443

Grant Smiley, 513-254-5139

District 3 

Jerry Caldwell, 812-432-5093

Robert Hudson, 812-584-7943

Donald Schmaltz, 513-967-3218

District 6

Jim Phipps, 812-599-3984

Mary Lou Griffin, 812-584-2132

Missy Stow, 812-871-2973

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