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Connect to Save

Earn incentives for using less

energy during peak hours

Do you currently own or plan on
purchasing a smart thermostat?

If so, we encourage you to enroll in Connect to Save, a pilot for Southeastern Indiana REMC’s electric residential members. Connect to Save rewards you for allowing us to adjust your thermostat during peak periods.

Upon enrollment approval, you’ll receive an initial incentive of $75 per device enrolled. Each year after that, you will receive an additional $25 per enrolled device.*


What is Connect to Save?

When temperatures soar, air conditioner use also increases, creating an “energy rush hour.” Electric cooperatives such as Southeastern Indiana REMC request more generation to meet the higher demand, which in turn drives up power costs. By lowering energy use throughout our system during times of peak demand, we can lower our power costs. Because electric cooperatives are not-for-profit, those savings are then passed on to you.

Together, we can work to lower costs. A smart thermostat can help you use less energy during rush hour by cooling or heating your home ahead of time. Adjusting the temperature a few degrees thereafter is all it takes to help keep power costs down.


Eligible Devices


Smart Thermostats

Your thermostat will adjust the temperature to balance energy savings. If you wish not to participate, you can always choose to change the temperature on your thermostat and opt out of that particular event.

How does it work?

For starters, you must connect your enrolled device to Wi-Fi and enroll in Connect to Save. During times of high electricity demand or “peak energy use” when air conditioners or heaters kick into high gear, you will be notified via email, and your enrolled device will respond accordingly to reduce consumption.

More Information

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