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Live Line Safety Demonstration

Power line safety is one of the most serious and deadly issues a utility lineman has to face. However, they are not the only ones who may come into contact with live power wires. Fire fighters, police officers, farmers, and many others in the community often see firsthand what happens when trees fall through lines, balloons make contact with overhead equipment, and high voltage wires are downed on automobiles. That's why Southeastern Indiana REMC has entered into a joint venture with other cooperatives in the Hoosier Energy network to bring live line safety demonstrations to as many groups and organizations as possible. 

The Live Line Demo is an eye opening safety program for elementary through high schools, fire and police departments, farm safety or any organization interested in promoting safety. The crew will effectively demonstrate what happens when an individual comes into contact with 7200 volts of electricity, which usually proves fatal. The demonstration is typically 30 minutes to an hour long and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group or organization. The display is constructed with the same poles, transformers and line hardware used by Southeastern Indiana REMC, which aids in understanding the electrical system. Spectators will walk away with a new respect for electricity and knowledge of how to protect themselves from injury or death.

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Live Line Demonstration

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