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Energy Tip of the Month - April 2024

Many of us have a similar thought looming on our minds as Spring begins, what am I going to do with my landscape this year? While gardening and landscaping can be a nice hobby, we can also consider how to keep energy costs low all year round with our planting.

A well-designed landscape can add beauty to your home and reduce home heating and cooling costs. Plant deciduous trees with high, spreading crowns to the south of your home to block sunlight in the summer and reduce the need for air conditioning. Deciduous means the tree sheds its leaves annually meaning they also allow sunlight to warm up our homes in the winter after their leaves are gone.  

You can also plant evergreen trees and shrubs with low crowns to block winter winds. Dense evergreen trees and shrubs planted to the north and northwest are the most common type of windbreak and can help lower energy used for home heating.

Good examples of Deciduous trees that thrive in our area include most Maple, Birch, and Willow trees. Spruce and Cedar are two good options for the Evergreen as they tend to do well in Indiana.

 Consider planting these trees this spring to help reduce the cost of your electricity in the future. We know peak energy times can be hard on our community, that’s why we will be keeping our members informed with monthly energy efficiency tips! Check back again next month for more knowledge on how to lower your monthly bill.



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