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The Importance of Fiber Access in Rural Areas

Most of us rely on our internet connection in some way, shape, or form. You go to your sister's house, and she has the kids watching Bluey while she cooks dinner. Your brother missed the game last night, so he is in the living room watching highlights of it on YouTube. Mom and Dad scroll endlessly on some form of social media to fill in the time gaps. All these scenarios have one thing in common: they are all connected.

                The newest development in any administrative position is the ability to work from home. With technology developing quickly, we reap the benefits of advancements, which allow us to get things done in the comfort of our dwellings. We have all been there; your child gets sick, or your childcare falls through. Maybe your car breaks down. Whatever the reason, working from home has given us the freedom not to risk our livelihood while living far more comfortably. Sadly, not everyone can get high-speed internet. Without Fiber, people in rural areas can’t enjoy connectivity like those in urban areas.

                While people in more populated areas get to see the benefits that the Internet brings to our lives, Broadband access in rural areas has been outdated since it began. Slow internet speeds, unreliable connections, and still at a higher cost than it is worth, broadband needed a makeover. And you all agreed! In 2019, Southeastern Indiana REMC surveyed to see the need for fiber optic internet in its service territory. With a resounding 90 percent yes, we began building in 2021. Fiber optic internet, with its fast and reliable connections, is a game-changer for rural areas, bringing the same level of connectivity enjoyed by much of the population.

                Today, infrastructure is built out to all areas in the original plans. “It is all about spreading the word now,” says B.J. Myers, VP of Communications and Creative Services. “Moving forward, we need to increase our take rates, getting as many homes connected as possible.” She also stated, “We will also look for expansion opportunities that make sense for the Co-op and the community.”

                Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Internet should be available for all. Southeastern Indiana REMC is about safely providing electricity AND diversified services to the members and communities we serve. Fiber is a service we are happy to provide to all who want to stay connected in today’s digital world. At Southeastern Indiana REMC, we’re committed to enhancing the quality of life for our members. Contact us today to learn more about how to get connected!

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