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SEI Fiber Subscriber Milestone Achieved

On Friday, February 18, 2022, Southeastern Indiana REMC’s 1,000th SEI Fiber subscriber was connected. It was a close race, as CSR’s anxiously watched the completed connection information come in from the installation crews.

Barbara A. Stein-Roche of Butlerville was connected at 9:51 a.m., closely followed by Steve Patrick of Holton who was connected at 10:06 a.m. Upon learning that she was the 1,000th connected subscriber, Stein-Roche expressed her gratitude for all that the REMC has done to bring fiber to her rural area. “Everyone I have worked with throughout the process has been wonderful,” said Stein-Roche. “The crews did a great job with the installation and I am very pleased with the service.”

The fiber project is moving at a fast pace, with 27 crews working on main line and drop construction. Installation crews are connecting approximately 50 subscribers per week, with a goal of increasing that number to 100 subscribers connected per week in the near future.

Many subscribers have expressed their pleasure at being able to work from home, complete e-learning for school, connect multiple devices simultaneously, stream movies, participate in online gaming, and upload and download information quickly. Stein-Roche was quick to point out that the equipment inside her home was unobtrusive and didn’t take away from her home decor. “Being able to stream my church services without the buffering is very nice, too” added Stein.

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